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Cow safari

We’ve just had the most fabulous mini-break (Bridget Jones style) on Dartmoor (only we had kids and dogs in tow and no sports car…). It turned out to be a veritable cow safari. The amazing colours that we have had this Autumn helped to frame the cows in the glorious environment. Here are a few […]

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To the Manor Born

Well, the effects of staying up too late for the election coverage are certainly telling this morning. Frankly, I was bored just after those ridiculous pigs had a race on the Channel 4 alternative coverage. David “Ham”eron – really?? So far this morning she, has got us into another scrape with cows chasing us, taken […]

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cows in the fog

A foggy day

Well she’s finally got out her running shoes again after the winter. I guess that is because the muddy puddles have dried up in all the glorious sunshine. We had a great run through the fog up on the hills today. It was slightly scary when a thundering herd of cows came out of the […]

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