dog and cows

Cow love

Just got back from our walk – more cows being photographed. They all couldn’t get enough of me – snorting at me through the fence – charming! Not sure why cows are so interested in the likes of me – obviously I am gorgeous, but when I go to play with them, they all run […]

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cows in the fog

A foggy day

Well she’s finally got out her running shoes again after the winter. I guess that is because the muddy puddles have dried up in all the glorious sunshine. We had a great run through the fog up on the hills today. It was slightly scary when a thundering herd of cows came out of the […]

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studio dog

Rosie’s First Dog Blog

Hi! I’m Rosie. I’m the Cows on Canvas studio dog. We moved into a studio at Bowden’s Farm, Hambridge in the summer of 2014. My person, Jackie, paints cows, which frankly is a stupid thing to do as dogs are much better. However, some people seem to like them and actually buy them, so it […]

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